Born in Togo, Solomon Jamy Brown spent his early years there, becoming fascinated by the black and white photography that was his biologist father’s passion. Moving to Paris to train as a software engineer, Solomon was drawn to photography as a way of understanding and representing people. His 2016 portraits of activists and volunteers, “Osez Citoyen”, were exhibited at the city’s Place de la République under the auspices of the Young Economic Chamber of Paris. 

Solomon uses the techniques of film photography and the possibilities of a studio setting to create images that while rooted in emotion and experience are unconstrained by naturalism. His celebrated ‘instant interviews’ of 2017 and 2018 captured the attention of people active in shaping French culture, and the outcome of that process is his new show, ”Childhood Memories”. The project took two years to realise, and was presented at Renaissance Trocadero, first on May 4 and then from June 13 to June 16. These images are the culmination of an extensive and ambitious programme of research and refinement, a milestone in Solomon’s work and a foretaste of creativity to come.